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Hogwarts extreme puts you in the world of harry potter from the common room to diagon alley: interact and role-play win the quidditch world cup, engage in the wizard economy, take classes, and more. 28 snapchats from harry potter snapechat posted on september 25, 2014, 20:52 gmt jarry lee buzzfeed staff share on facebook share share on vk share share on pinterest. Talk to harry potter on scratch by emmi02 most of the comments on this are really nice and i love reading them, but to the few of you who decide to comment and tell me it's bad or too simple: i know it's simple. It's been six years since the release of the final film in the harry potter series, but the cast continue to keep in touch with one another, it emerged this week, via a whatsapp group chat.

potter chat Written like a chat room with the characters, harry, ron, hermione+ others.

Home: harry potter chat news - help - blogs - author lounge - author q&a - bus ride animals brain teasers celebrities entertainment for children general geography harry potter history hobbies humanities literature main index movies music people sci / tech sports television video games world. Welcome to hogwarts live we're the best harry potter rpg on the net and if you don't believe us just create a character to find out for yourself hogwarts live is a free online harry potter multiplayer game, which is accessible to the visually impaired (ie blind-accessible. This is my first video so feedback and ideas would be nice just 1 comment for the next one because this is the first, and i wanna get as many up there as so. My first harry potter chat room dont worry it will get better i wont put the next one up (which i think is better than this 1) until i have at least 5 commets gd or bad plz, plz comment.

Chamber of chat is a graphical social virtual world with a few facebook plug-ins the harry potter virtual world is designed for fans this give users the feeling that they are interacting in the actual 3d world. Online harry potter universe if so, you are now invited to the world of potter, where you can act out your dream of attending hogwarts and live like harry potter this is the american version of world of potter active chat enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire what did your potter-friends do today and did. The best harry potter trivia quizzes on the internet play one free right now. Online harry potter universe did you not receive your hogwarts acceptance letter when you turned 11 years old if true, you are now invited to the world of potter, where you can act out your dream of attending hogwarts and live like harry potter. Pottermore - the digital heart of the wizarding world pottermore - the digital heart of the wizarding world menu visit home page dive into harry potter and the half-blood prince read along with the community visit the book club view my awards welcome to gryffindor.

This article is not part of the harry potter universe this article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not be taken as a part of the harry potter universe this is an original transcription of the bloomsbury live chat with j k rowling on 30 july , 2007. Build and host your very own chatbot include speech and images connect it to instant messaging services, multiplayer games and become part of a growing ecosystem of virtual personalities. Jk rowling revealed her surprising suspicions about who leaked the true identity of robert galbraith, the effect of the tv show on the “strike” world inside her head, and which character she is most like.

Potter chat

Anything harry potter 745 likes page about anything harry potter anywhere, anytime rip alan rickman. Best answer: mugglenet interactive it's not a chat room, specifically, but it's an incredibly entertaining interactive section of mugglenet with several forums where you can discuss anything related to harry potter, and more. Harry potter pick up lines back to: pick up lines did you survive avada kedavra cause your drop dead gorgeous i may not be harry potter, but i can be your chosen one i was the one who gave moaning myrtle her nickname i'm like devils snare it only gets more painful if you struggle.

  • The harry potter group names are gryffindor, slytherin, hufflepuff, ravenclaw.
  • Harry potter chat fred alberti spikehost says, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to crosswalkcom chat we’re so glad to see you tonight my name is spikehost, and i’ll be your host tonight joining me on stage are applehost, machost, newseditor, and yadah_host by now you must have heard the name harry potter.
  • About hogwarts is here hogwarts is here (hih) is the wizarding world's favorite social network created by fans - for fans create a character and immerse yourself at hogwarts and the harry potter universe with thousands of others by enrolling in realistic online hogwarts courses, earning house points, meeting new friends in the common room and so much more.

You don't have access to join chat channel potterworld or droobledore llc is not in any way affiliated with mojang ab, jk rowling, warner brothers or any company, copyright or trademark. Harry potter fans chat room [public] created by charlottebabe for harry potter fans only don't come in to slag it off please x if this chat room is illegal, click here. Fem reader (gryffindor reader) angelina johnson has started a chat angelina johnson has invited george weasley, fred weasley, katie bell, (reader), harry potter. Graham potter’s first league match with swansea is against sheffield united on saturday photograph: ashley crowden/athena pictures graham potter probably knew it was a matter of time before.

potter chat Written like a chat room with the characters, harry, ron, hermione+ others.
Potter chat
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